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The Top Countries Most Likely to Launch 5G First

Competition is fierce on the 5G global stage. International 5G activity is growing at a fever pitch, as vendors and service providers in technology-focused countries work on early 5G network trials and test 5G with friendly users. The following are the four countries most likely to have the earliest and biggest 5G debuts. Although 2019 […]

Best 5G-ready phones

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity. Though it won’t replace 4G in its entirety, it works fast, and many industries will benefit from the new network, including self-driving cars, drones and the internet of things. Samsung, the most popular maker of 5G phones, currently has four under its belt: the Galaxy S10 5G, the Note […]

What You Need to Know About 5G in 2020

LAS VEGAS — Like many consumers, Kathryn Schipper, an attorney in Seattle, doesn’t have a landline. She relies on her smartphone for calls and videoconferencing, but reception is spotty. So she is excited about the arrival of 5G, the fifth-generation wireless network that has been the subject of breathless speculation over the […]

5G: everything you need to know

5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. Combining cutting-edge network technology and the latest high-specced devices, 5G should offer connections that are multitudes faster than current hookups, with average download speeds of […]

4 Different Site Surveys That Will Improve Your Wireless Network

Before we get into the various WiFi site survey types, it’s important to mention that site surveys are not the design process but merely a component in the process. You can refer to our blog “Stop Calling a Site-Survey a Wireless Network Design” where we discussed in detail the real meaning of […]

The Perfect Solution for Poor Cell Signal in Your Historic Building

Historic buildings reflect a community’s commitment to honoring its heritage and character. Increasingly, throughout cities all over the United States, these buildings are among the most coveted spaces in which to work and live, offering unique spaces that give tenants a little piece of that heritage and character. While these […]

Periodic wireless site surveys are essential

To get the best performance out of your wireless network, you must both ensure that your access points (AP) are in the most optimal locations and that other radio emitters, which can cause interference, are kept to a minimum. This requires you to periodically perform site surveys of your wireless […]

The Necessity of a Site Survey to Determine Cell Phone Signal Quality

In this day of cell phones and data usage, being able to use our phones wherever we go is increasingly important. However, cell signal quality can vary greatly from one location to another, from outdoors to indoors, and even from one room to another. If you are an installer, a […]


CHICAGO – Nov. 7, 2012 – United States Cellular Corporation (NYSE: USM) today announced strategic actions designed to increase focus on markets where it has strong positions and streamline operations to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness. U.S. Cellular has reached a definitive agreement to sell its Chicago, St. Louis, central Illinois […]

Cellular and RF Site Surveying

Our Cellular Wireless Site Surveys involve the use of professional measurement tools, such as spectrum analyzers, to ensure successful cellular coverage inside building for enterprise customers, and externally for service providers. In today’s cellular world, poor reception in office buildings, parking garages and airports can lead to missed calls, missed […]